Return to Allah…always


I return

Or make an attempt to

And fail…yet again

The pull of the dunya is real Ya Ikhwaan
I ask myself 

My head is willing…my heart is willing

but why do my actions still fail me?
I try to make dua

…and drift 

To the last conversation I had

The last image I looked upon

The last chore I engaged in

And then, 

In the pauses of frustuation I realise why

You cannot want, without action

You cannot bath in the waters of eeman

and whirl in the dust of Jahannam

Then hope for a miracle

Fool that you are beleiver
You cannot have the frivolities of this world

And want or earn the gems of the Hereafter

Is it not for this that we are warned to surround ourselves

with Halal and unharmful?

Food, drink, company, earnings

If its not untainted

then the journey to return will always fail.
So, start simple.
Leave the late night unhealthy eating 

That make you too full to even recite your night dua

Leave the night entertainment that befuddles your mind

And makes the morning engagement with your Lord mindless

Say goodbye to the ones, who glamorise the lifestyle

you are in doubt of and are trying so hard to leave behind
Engage in less conversation away from the memories of your Rabb

Plan your day with not just your ‘standing’on time

But truly engage your Rabb

Learn about Him…anew and all over again 

Read about the Prophet(SAW)…anew and all over again

Be inspired by the rightoeus ones…anew and all over again

Recite, litsen and understand the Quran…anew and all over again

Return…a little at a time.
Call an old friend or family member.

Make a new friend…give naseehah to someone and in turn, give yourself
But first,

Step away

Walk away 


You must leave before you can return
Return Ya Ikhwaan.

Return to Allah.


One thought on “Return to Allah…always

  1. Masha Allah..I feel every word. Beautiful words. I struggle with returning to Allah, over and over again. Right now I feel far from Him..


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