Return to Allah…always


I return

Or make an attempt to

And fail…yet again

The pull of the dunya is real Ya Ikhwaan
I ask myself 

My head is willing…my heart is willing

but why do my actions still fail me?
I try to make dua

…and drift 

To the last conversation I had

The last image I looked upon

The last chore I engaged in

And then, 

In the pauses of frustuation I realise why

You cannot want, without action

You cannot bath in the waters of eeman

and whirl in the dust of Jahannam

Then hope for a miracle

Fool that you are beleiver
You cannot have the frivolities of this world

And want or earn the gems of the Hereafter

Is it not for this that we are warned to surround ourselves

with Halal and unharmful?

Food, drink, company, earnings

If its not untainted

then the journey to return will always fail.
So, start simple.
Leave the late night unhealthy eating 

That make you too full to even recite your night dua

Leave the night entertainment that befuddles your mind

And makes the morning engagement with your Lord mindless

Say goodbye to the ones, who glamorise the lifestyle

you are in doubt of and are trying so hard to leave behind
Engage in less conversation away from the memories of your Rabb

Plan your day with not just your ‘standing’on time

But truly engage your Rabb

Learn about Him…anew and all over again 

Read about the Prophet(SAW)…anew and all over again

Be inspired by the rightoeus ones…anew and all over again

Recite, litsen and understand the Quran…anew and all over again

Return…a little at a time.
Call an old friend or family member.

Make a new friend…give naseehah to someone and in turn, give yourself
But first,

Step away

Walk away 


You must leave before you can return
Return Ya Ikhwaan.

Return to Allah.

Soul Saum 1435AH – Finale

In the name of Allah…

The last 10
On the day of Eid.πŸ™‚
Take consolation from the stricken

It is of this life to experience trials

For you who is sick

Is one who is dying

For you struggling

Is one derelict

There will always be someone worse

Until we reach the grave
So take consolation

And know that

Allah is sufficient for us and is the best disposer of our affairs.
Seek help and patience in the prayer

For the one who abandons the prayer

Has lost the tranquillity for the soul

In Sorrow, pain or happinness

The Prayer…The Prayer…The Prayer

Guard strictly your Salat

And have a beautiful patience
Travel and Marvel

At the bounties of You Lord

Call the Adhan in the mountains

Extol His glory amongst the trees

Let the wind and rain lift you

But do not carry the weight of the World on your head.
Do not be ignited by the pettiness and fleetingness of this life

Your worries will always be heavier than

It actually is.

So be contented with what you have been bestowed by Your Lord

For your provision will suffice you.
O Just Nation!

Striving for the middle course!

With the goal in our sight

Of the place in the heavens that no eyes have ever seen!

30 ways of Attaining happinness by Mohammed Ashaayi (completed)
May Allah grant us the blessings of our fasts a thousand fold, by His Mercy!
*Jazakallahu khairan for walking with meπŸ’•*

Soul Saum 29

In the name of Allah…

My body aches

And so does my soul

How has the time gone yet again
The days gone by 

In business and contemplation

Alas, how the time flies.
















So many lessons

So many things to be thankful for

O how the time ran by.
Its up to us

To keep time here

and now

The Shaitan and Shayateen

Cannot beat a prepared Slave

Burnt gold from the heat of Ramadhan
Life will try to take over

Seclusions will end

The kids will need tending

Our needs must be met

My dearest ones…

You have to hold on

For with striving in 29

We are emboldened for 365


Have faith

And work!

With just a step

Tahajjud tonight

Alhamdullilah…the time is now!!!
We will miss Ramadhan!!!

Soul Saum 28

In the name of Allah

To  Attain  Happinnes
The 2nd 10…

In the last 10…
Eeman is…Living.

With Eeman, the beleiver knows

That its in the Remembrance of Allah, that hearts find rest.

And so, call to Him.
The Muslim knows that his situation is always good

For in joy and pleasure, he says ‘Alhamdullilah’

And in distress, in need of succour, he looks up and says ‘Alhamdullilah’.
With Eeman, the Mumin knows recompense is with Allah

And behind every cloud, is a silver lining

Verily with hardship, comes ease

And so he is patient

And expectant of good from His Lord.
He stays away from the people and places who do not remind him of this.

Why is seclusion highly recommended for us in this month?

Surround yourself with people and gatherings of benefit

If not,

Stay in your homes!

Guard your senses!

Reflect and Comprehend!
With Eeman, the beleiver is gentle yet purposeful

He gets benefit from the flower without crushing it.

He makes lemonade out of lemons.

Indeed he is the date palm tree, a benefit and blessing to All.
Beware of envy

creeping on your eeman

For you question the Creator

by being envious
Ya Ikwaan, face life as it is

Its good atimes

And bad atimes

But this World is a trial for You.
Eeman is Life

By Allah

For Allah

And with Allah.

30 ways of attaining happiness by Mohammed bin Abdillah Ash-Shaayi

Soul Saum 27

In the name of Allah…
(Long. Bear with me)
To  Attain  Happinnes
The 1st 10…

In the last 10…
The Past is gone

The future is yet to come but

Today is Yours.

Leave your mistakes and worries in the past

You cannot rewind time.

The future is the world of the unseen

Some of us wont make it.

But Today, right now

Own it!

Do it all!

Be nice…kind

But expect no thanks

And not trouble yourself with criticism

Kindness is the musk of the beleiver

Your frown never availed anyone

Not even You

Do it for Allah

Expect criticism

But leave them to Allah for You…

Are Unique
There’s only one of You

Be You…Not anyone else

Everyone else is taken

The Creator made You…

As You


Ponder and Give thanks
Think of the favour of Your Rabb

And use your spare time to 






Beware an idle mind
Know Ya Ikhwaan

That what was meant for you

will never miss you

and what has missed you

was never meant for you.

Do your all, but in the end

It is as it should be.
The Pen is lifted and the ink is dried.

30 ways of attaining happiness by Mohammed bin Abdillah Ash-Shaayi

Soul Saum 26

In the name of Allah…

The destroyer of dreams, plans and fantasies
The tumbler that will pass over each one of us unfailingly
The one event that is certain for us without fail
Noone returns to prepare you or regal you of its stories
For some,

This door is the end

An end to the troubles of this life’s fleetingness

So there’s nothing to fear except the door
To others 

To Us

Its whats behind the door we fear.

What have we sent forth?

Deeds that will give us emerald cushions and silk

Or blazing emebers of regret…

The Sahabah before us never feared the door

For they worked for it tirelessly

And so should we.

They laughed little

And wept more

And so should we.
Death should be a door to our beginning

Not the end.
May Allah make us amongst the souls that will be slipped from our bodies, shrouded in perfumes and given glad tidings of Jannah.

Soul Saum 25

Its the last…5..

Be conscious

Be Inspired

Be the Servant

Be Ibaadah prone

Be Muslim
When the next driver yells an obscenity

And you part your lips and dhikr emerges

Call to Account it is for Al Fattah you react
When you rise at night to follow the Jammah

Call to Account that it is for Your Rabb’s sight you aim 
When you make the meals and wash the dishes

Call to account that it is for Your Lord you serve your family 
When you litsen to your parents against your judgement

Call to account Ar Rahman for it is Him you obey
When you dash out to work instead of being in ‘mode’ these last days

Call to account Allah, as it is ibaadah for you to work so you do not have to beg
Know Ya Ikhwaan

That consciously putting thought to everything we do

Makes our whole life and living…

May Allah accept our ibaadah as the last days in this beloved month roll out.